Thursday, July 14, 2005

My car needs a bath...

Am I a bad car mom? I'm starting to think so! I haven't given my car a bath (AKA washed it) in forever. It is starting to look pitiful sitting there in the parking lot next to all the other shining cars in their full summer glory. Then there is poor little Gino, red and covered in mud. If I could talk car, she would tell me that she feels ashamed to be driven around in such a state of messiness. Awww Im neglecting her, she has a broken head light and holes in her muffler...its so sad. One of these days I will get my shit together and clean her and fix her. Its a good thing I don't have kids right now because they would be starting to stink! Just kidding...I would wash my kids.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger anika said...

Don't worry, my love! If there were car-social-workers, Rafiki would be taken out of my custody. Yesterday, after a few weeks of strange motor sounds and the oil light sometimes coming on I decided it was time to check the oil. The oil *ahem* didn't even register on the dipstick. Good one, Anika! Anyways, my darling step-dad added a million litres of oil and now Rafiki's back in business!


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