Friday, July 22, 2005

Things I have seen today

1 - guy in a wheelchair flying down the hill towards a very busy road outside my parents house.

1 - woman who lost her kid in Wal-Mart. I found him making a quick escape towards the McDonalds inside the store. He was the cutest 2-3 year old ever and didnt even realize that mom wasnt around. Needless to say I flagged down his mom who was running frantic around the store and she was so happy.

2 - scummy looking guys yelling at a known hooker who works the streets outside my condo. Yes, I think its safe to say I live in the nicest condo building in the ghetto of our little city.

2 - Car accidents. Thankfully it looked like everyone was ok. Makes me want to get my butt in gear and join the fire dept with my bro.

4 - new tires finally going on my car, Gino. This means I got my damn winter tires off...its about time I would say. I mean, I know this is Canada and all but it does not snow in July.

And a lot more but truthfully, its not all that interesting.


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