Monday, November 06, 2006

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

This is the first birthday I have had where I actually feel older. All the others have come and past with out much thought. Sometimes I would still wish I was a little older so I would be taken more seriously by older people and not called a baby, especially at work. But with this birthday, I feel it and its a little scary. Im now a quarter of a century...that much closer to 30. Not married and no kids yet...not what I had planned out as a younger Jen. Im not complaining though...just realizing that life doesnt always work out the way you planned. My clock is ticking...time for babies, Im getting older. Yikes!

On the other hand age means nothing. I also noticed this at my birthday party when one of the oldest women there acted the most childish. Nothing like someone coming to your party to bash your other girlfriends and then get mad at the birthday girl of all people. But I didnt cry oh no...we just drank and danced some more. Ahhh


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